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Business consulting in the automotive sector - shaping the mobility of the future.


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The automotive sector is currently in a fundamental structural process of change that poses major challenges for companies. The range of services offered by HSI Unternehmensberatung is geared to helping companies emerge stronger from this transformation and successfully mastering structural change, digitization and globalization.

Many years of experience in the automotive sector as well as sound competencies in strategic management are the best prerequisites for goal-oriented cooperation with our customers. Take advantage of our expertise for the further development of your company. We offer modern consulting services with the following main focuses:



  • Strategic business consulting

  • Generation of security measures

  • Supporting the start-up phase

  • Living and working abroad

  • Strategic business consulting

Strategic consulting for companies in the automotive sector is our core competence. We support your company in successfully positioning itself and optimizing business processes. The aim is the realization of growth opportunities and the minimization of risks. For this reason, we do not unilaterally consider the question of which measures will help your company to develop in the best possible way in today's competitive environment. Particularly in the automotive sector, it is important to react to future developments today and to anticipate trends. For this reason, our consulting includes the thorough risk analysis, which aims to identify risks ahead of competitors and to develop opportunities based on this knowledge advantage.

We specialize in paving the way for a successful future for your company with various efficient consulting services:

  • Support in the optimization of business processes

  • Accompaniment during the construction of a new production

  • Advice on the relocation of production abroad

  • Assistance in the relocation of production areas to Germany

  • Accompanying company development measures outside Germany (mainly in Brazil, China, England and Romania)

  • Support of investment projects in foreign markets

  • Generate a global strategy of expansion

  • Advice on the conversion or relocation of the production area or individual processes

  • Establishment of an effective supplier management

  • Brainstorming, idea management

  • Our consulting services are also appreciated by public institutions at federal, state and local levels. In this context, we deal with settlement projects, site analyzes and the procurement of public funds.

Generation of security measures

Security is also important to minimize risk and protect companies from serious economic damage. We offer companies a comprehensive portfolio of security measures:

  • 24/7 surveillance of the company premises

  • Monitoring the gas line

  • Monitoring your power cable lines

  • Support the start-up phase


Another field of consulting deals with the support of start-ups. Unfortunately, many start-ups fail already in the start-up phase, because the young entrepreneurs fail to implement the ideas in such a way that a marketable product and competitive company is established. Talk to us: we help you find investors and work with a commercial bank that supports your ambitions. This starts with the opening of the accounts and includes assistance in lending. In addition, we advise your company holistically in the start-up phase and help you to turn a business idea into a future-proof company.

Living and working abroad

The fourth area of our management consultancy deals with the important topic of foreign assignment of employees. As globalization progresses, it becomes increasingly important to manage overseas missions. This concerns on the one hand the consulting of the companies and on the other hand the individual level of the employees.

  • Foreign assignment of employees is a great opportunity and a no less a challenge, especially when the family is involved.

  • We prepare workers for employment abroad and help them successfully manage life as an expat.

  • For this purpose we offer special courses, personal coaching and intensive care.

  • During the assignment abroad, we are also available to the companies and employees as contact persons.

  • In addition, our service includes help with the incorporation of impats and ensures that your new foreign employees settle in as quickly as possible and feel good in Germany both professionally and privately with their families.











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